Philippi Bouquet Vase

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    Philippi Bouquet Vase

    Whether arrangements from many flowers or the single flower , the bouquet in the vase has its own appearance.
    Each tube is made of waterproof , chrome-plated brass and is permanently bonded to the glass plate.
    On the bottom of the glass plate silicone knobs are attached – to protect against scratches.

    Details. Philippi Bouquet Vase

    Material. Vase of glass and chrome-plated brass tubes

    Size. Glass flap Ø 24 cm, 12 chrome Messig – tubes Ø 2.2 – h = variable between 11-14 cm

    Design. Christian von Ahn

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    Stainless steel polished, transparent

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    Flowers vases, Vases




    Christian von Ahn

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