Tecnolumen Pap Floor Lamp

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    Tecnolumen Pap Floor Lamp

    Although the Hungarian Ungar Gyula Pap designed this lamp at the metal Bauhaus workshop in Weimer in 1923, it is being manufactured only today.
    One in a workshop designed lamp was available in the house at Horn, the famous Bauhaus show-room.
    New creation of the lamp was conducted using original data provided by Gyula Pap, and with permission of the Bauhaus archives in Berlin.
    The floor lamp was pictured in the Bauhaus book No.7 “New Works of Bauhaus workshops” already in 1925.
    An opaque glass plate on a nickel plated tube pendels over a black laquered iron plate.
    The visible bulb ought to have a reflecting cupola, since G. Pap had created the lamp for this newly emerged type of the bulb.

    Each lamp is consecutively numbered and bears this logo: “TECNOLUMEN Bauhaus”.

    Including blend protection cap.

    Material. Lacquered black iron, nickel plated brass, frosted glass plate

    Illuminant. max. 100 W, E 27

    Dimensions. Height. 168 cm, Reflector. d= 37 cm

    Base. d= 40 cm

    Design. Gyula Pap, 1923

    Manufacturer. Tecnolumen

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